President Samia Suluhu Hassan Unveils Transformative Vision for Tanzania’s Agricultural Marketing

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – In a groundbreaking move, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has delineated a comprehensive vision aimed at revamping Tanzania’s agricultural marketing framework, at the AGRF SUMMIT. With the agriculture sector being a linchpin of Tanzania’s economy and a primary source of livelihood for a vast majority of its citizens, the importance of this initiative cannot be overstated.

Tanzania, renowned for its diverse agricultural products ranging from maize, wheat, rice to cashew nuts and sugarcane, is poised for a seismic shift. The ambitious government programs, notably ‘Building Better Tomorrow’ (BBT) and the Agenda 10/30, aspire to amplify agricultural production by 10% by 2030.

President Hassan, in her address at AGRF SUMMIT, emphasized the necessity to obliterate the barriers farmers face in market accessibility and attaining just remuneration for their yield. A persistent hurdle has been the disconnect between producers and markets, exacerbated by middlemen who traditionally capitalize on buying low from farmers. “We’ve commenced bridging the chasm between the farmer and the market in crops such as cashews, witnessing a surge in its prices,” stated President Hassan. The elimination of middlemen, facilitated by a direct link via cooperatives, has been pivotal in ensuring competitive pricing, to the farmer’s advantage.

This transformative strategy, already bearing fruit in sectors like the cashew industry, is being mirrored for sesame and peas, with farmers reaping the benefits of enhanced prices.

However, the President’s vision isn’t restricted to just direct market linkage. Understanding the pivotal role transportation plays, there is an emphasis on developing infrastructural roads, interlinking regions, districts, and adjoining nations. Enhanced transport mechanisms will play a crucial role in curtailing post-harvest wastage and facilitating market reach.

Furthermore, the administration is dedicated to the augmentation of Tanzania’s ports, ensuring efficient export and import of agricultural commodities. Investments are also channeled towards cargo planes, aimed at the swift transport of perishables, underscoring Tanzania’s commitment to optimizing its agricultural potential.

She mentioned the upcoming green belt a facility, tailored for perishable goods storage, is a significant step towards post-harvest loss mitigation.

One of the standout initiatives under the BBT program is the collaboration with off-takers. Their role is paramount in processing and value addition, making certain that the farmer’s hard work culminates in optimized, value-added produce reaching both local and international markets.

The multidimensional strategy set forth by President Samia Suluhu Hassan symbolizes a promising era for Tanzanian agriculture. By streamlining market connections, fortifying transportation, and fostering collaborations, the nation is paving the way for an agriculturally resplendent future.