Improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers
Taking a New Look at Africa's Agriculture; Develoepmental Communication

Game-changing technologies to transform our food systems

A pipeline of disruptive technologies could transform our food systems, ecosystems and human health, but attention to the enabling environment is needed to realize their potential. WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – In the next three decades we will need a 30–70% increase in food availability to meet the demand from an increasing population. And the global food system will need to…

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A wake-up call for Latin America’s livestock sector: Emissions reductions crucial to meet SDGs by 2030

A new journal article analyzes the emission reduction practices of the livestock sector in seven Latin American countries and their potential to contribute to the fulfillment of the Paris Agreement goals. CALI, COLOMBIA – Despite the importance of the livestock sector for the economies of different Latin American countries, livestock is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas…

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