Improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers
Taking a New Look at Africa's Agriculture; Develoepmental Communication

Dr. Agnes Kalibata: Possibilities that become real in Africa through agriculture

Speech at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Upon Receiving the 2019 Public Welfare Medal April 28, 2019 | Washington DC Introduction Thank you for that warm introduction. I appreciate the kind and generous words. I want to thank the National Academy of Sciences for this award. For a scientist like me, recognition from this incredibly prestigious and important…

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Sakalilo Village: Collective small scale farmers’ owned Warehousing, the key to cutting paddy postharvest loss

By Anthony Muchoki “Sometimes it looks unreal. It is like a miracle. Yes, it is a miracle… we never thought in our lifetime, we would be able to have a warehouse as big as this one- yes, and belonging to us- the smallholder farmers!” It is Mr. Osphard Sinkala, talking, looking at an imposing warehouse, under construction, with (40x12x5)…

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A story of one family ups and downs in the struggle to adopt new maize variety

By Anthony Muchoki Simplified science and technology applications in agriculture are changing smallholder farmers lives for the better in many places across Africa. They range from ensuring healthy soils, bringing to smallholder farmers improved seeds, good husbandry and use of new storage technologies, among others.  According to Dr. George Bigirwa, AGRA Vice President,  such activities along the agriculture value…

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