Improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers
Taking a New Look at Africa's Agriculture; Develoepmental Communication

Undercounting of agroforestry skews climate change mitigation planning and reporting

Agroforestry is overlooked in global climate change reporting systems, resulting in missed opportunities to account for a major carbon sink. BURLINGTON, VERMONT – Farmers incorporate trees into fields and pastures to earn cash from fruit or wood, increase fodder and shade for livestock, promote soil health or protect against wind or water erosion. In all cases, farmers contribute to…

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Creating “Commercial” opportunities for women farmers in Tanzania

By Anthony Muchoki Supporting women farmers to move from subsistence to commercial farming is the key to achieving gender equality, posits small scale farmer, Mrs. Edina Josephat, a resident of Kasindaga village in Muleba District Kagera Region. A wife and a mother of six, she has seen gender discrimination shutter women’s social and economic prospects.  In some cases a…

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New dynamics in food crops fueling Tanzania

By Anthony Muchoki Data from Tanzania’s agriculture ministry shows that for eight continuous years, the country has been food self-sufficient. It has been exceeding 100 percent of demand, with its most important food crops- maize, rice, and cassava, respectively. As other East African nation by March/April 2019, were grappling with maize shortage, a sizable number of farmers in Tanzania’s…

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