AGRA Engages Media Ahead of Prominent Food Systems Conference

Dar es Salaam: As the clock ticks down to the much-awaited AGRF food systems summit, key stakeholders from AGRA took a strategic step by engaging with leading media editors in Tanzania. This move, a prelude to the summit, aims to forge a robust synergy and deepen mutual comprehension between AGRA and the fourth estate.

Vianey Rweyendela, AGRA’s Country Manager for Tanzania, took centre stage at the meeting. He underscored AGRA’s unwavering commitment to working in tandem with governmental blueprints in agriculture. “While we might not have our standalone strategy, AGRA’s proactive engagement in a plethora of agricultural ventures has been pivotal in propelling the sector to new heights, enriching the lives of Tanzanians and fortifying the national economy,” elucidated Rweyendela.

The transformative strides in Tanzania’s agriculture, which catapulted the nation to a state of food self-reliance, are partly owed to innovative reforms ushered in by the sixth-phase government. Rweyendela pointed out, “Our farmers have transitioned from mere subsistence farming to a profitable agricultural enterprise. This monumental evolution, spearheaded by the sixth-phase government, has enshrined Tanzania as a luminary in the agricultural domain.”

Tanzania is poised to host the AGRF summit, a prestigious congregation of African nations that will converge to shape the trajectory of the continent’s food systems.

At this summit, Rweyendela disclosed that AGRA is primed to unveil a comprehensive dossier on the agricultural landscape of Africa, concurrently spotlighting their significant contributions in reshaping the sector.

Detailing one of AGRA’s innovative initiatives, Rweyendela touched upon the novel seed certification system. “To empower consumers, every seed in the marketplace is now stamped with a unique certification—providing a clear snapshot of its quality, provenance, and intended application,” he emphasized.

The anticipation is palpable as the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center (JNICC) prepares to roll out the red carpet to assemble approximately 3,000 luminaries from the African agricultural landscape.