Nanenane 2024 Celebrations Set to Showcase Agricultural Progress in Mbeya

MBEYA, TANZANIA—The much-anticipated Nanenane Farmers’ Exhibition will illuminate the John Mwakangale Show Grounds in Mbeya City from August 1 to 8, 2024. This year’s theme, “Choose Better Local Government Leaders for Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries,” underscores the pivotal role of local governance in enhancing the agricultural sectors.

The 2024 Nanenane exhibition fosters growth and innovation in agriculture, livestock, and fisheries by bringing together various stakeholders, including public institutions, private enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs from domestic and international arenas.

Admission Details: Entrance for observers such as farmers, livestock keepers, and fishermen is free, promoting widespread community involvement. Vehicle entry fees are set at TZS 3,000 for small vehicles and TZS 5,000 for large vehicles, with motorcycles and tricycles charged at TZS 1,000. Season passes for cars are also available, priced at TZS 20,000 for small vehicles and TZS 60,000 for large vehicles.

Fees and Registration Detailed fees for participation include:

  • Public institutions and large commercial entities: TZS 500,000 to TZS 1,000,000.
  • Small financial institutions and NGOs: TZS 500,000.
  • Seasonal service fees include food stalls: TZS 200,000 and temporary business setups: TZS 100,000 for commercial and TZS 50,000 for non-commercial uses. Participants must complete their registration and payments by July 21, 2024, via the NMB Bank account number 61010031478, Mbalizi Branch.

Additional Costs and Arrangements Depending on the location, temporary plots and rooms in the Secretariat Building cost TZS 90,000 to TZS 150,000. The exhibition also offers identification badges for TZS 5,000 to ensure all participants are registered and easily identifiable.

Support Services The event provides extensive support services, including tent provisions, decoration services, and even accommodations for guests—all structured to ensure participants can offer their services or products in a well-organized environment.

Contact Information For more information, attendees and participants are encouraged to contact the Mbeya Regional Administrative Office. Specific contacts include:

Attendees and participants are encouraged to contact the Mbeya Regional Administrative Office for more information. Specific contacts include:

General inquiries: Richard Musingi (0754 769 293), Kassim Shekilango (0766 029 815), Semeni Halijuma (0753 398 981).
Payment inquiries: Yudathadei Nyinda (0767 509 873).