Tanzania’s BBT-YIA Initiative Receives Billions in Funding, Gains Support

Minister of Agriculture, Hussein Bashe

In a groundbreaking move towards building a sustainable future for Tanzania’s agricultural sector, the Ministry of Agriculture has invested a staggering 14 billion Tanzanian shillings into the Building a Better Tomorrow: Youth Initiative for Agribusiness (BBT-YIA). The initiative, set to run from 2022 to 2030, aims to empower the country’s youth by providing them with opportunities in agribusiness and fostering economic growth.

During a recent press conference, Hussein Bashe, a prominent figure within the Ministry of Agriculture, shared his optimism and determination regarding the BBT-YIA initiative. He stated, “We have placed a significant investment of 14 billion into the BBT-YIA initiative. As a ministry, we are committed to working alongside the citizens who believe in our vision. We understand that not everyone will support us, but we are confident that a few will join us on this journey, and when the results become evident, they will acknowledge its truth.”

Highlighting the importance of empowering the youth, Bashe further addressed them, drawing inspiration from historical figures. He said, “I want to tell the youth that in these eight years, President Samia has made a remarkable decision to grant you ownership of land. We will approach this task with great determination. Just as Jesus and Prophet Muhammad began their respective journeys with only a handful of believers, we too will begin with a few who have faith in this agricultural journey.”

The BBT-YIA initiative aims to address the challenges faced by Tanzanian youth in accessing resources and opportunities within the agricultural sector. By empowering young individuals and equipping them with the necessary skills and resources, the program seeks to create a generation of agribusiness entrepreneurs who can drive economic growth and transform Tanzania’s agricultural landscape.

The significant funding and unwavering commitment from the Ministry of Agriculture have garnered attention and support from various stakeholders. Farmers, agricultural experts, and youth organizations have expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, recognizing its potential to uplift the youth, tackle unemployment, and bolster Tanzania’s economy.

Through targeted training programs, financial support, and access to markets, the BBT-YIA initiative aims to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in Tanzania. By promoting innovation, sustainable practices, and technological advancements, the initiative seeks to create a vibrant and profitable agribusiness sector that can attract young talent and boost food production in the country.

As the BBT-YIA initiative gains momentum, it catalyses change in Tanzania’s agricultural sector for a prosperous and sustainable agricultural future.

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