SAGCOT 2022 Annual Report: A Year of Remarkable Achievements and Progressive Strides in Tanzanian Agriculture

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) unveiled its 2022 Annual Report, chronicling a year of substantial achievements, impactful collaborations, and significant strides in the agricultural sector amidst a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Introduction: SAGCOT’s Mission and Vision: Established to revolutionize agriculture in Tanzania, SAGCOT operates at the confluence of government policy, private sector investment, and grassroots agricultural practice. Its mission is to catalyze sustainable agricultural growth, ensure food security, and foster environmental sustainability, thereby enhancing the socio-economic fabric of Tanzania.

Impactful Achievements in Agriculture Output: The report highlights remarkable achievements in agriculture output across various priority value chains that have adopted Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). The year 2022 saw a staggering 241% increase in the rice value chain, contributing significantly to an aggregate metric tons increase in crop production. However, challenges in data sharing led to negative variances in specific value chains, such as soybean, tomato, and sunflower​​.

Significant Growth in Farming Revenues: In terms of financial impact, smallholder farmer incomes from farming activities surged by 17% compared to 2021. This increase from USD 46,286,790.19 to USD 54,284,258.17 represents a 26% increase from the 2018 baseline. Notably, female smallholder farmers achieved the highest revenue gains, marking a significant step towards gender equity in agriculture​​.

Enhanced Collaboration through Strategic Partnerships: SAGCOT’s efforts in fostering collaboration among its members were particularly noteworthy. In 2022, SCL facilitated the formation of 17 coalitions, far exceeding its target of 5. These coalitions have had a significant impact nationwide, addressing key regulatory, tax, investment, and technology issues within the agricultural sector. The Soya Strategic Partnership, for example, made decisive moves to develop Iringa as a soybean-producing hub, exemplifying the collaborative spirit championed by SAGCOT​​.

Navigating Global Challenges and Opportunities: The year 2022 posed its unique set of challenges and opportunities. In response, SAGCOT demonstrated resilience and adaptability, continuing to drive agricultural innovation and development. The organization’s advocacy work on various policy platforms contributed to crucial policy and regulatory reforms, positively affecting agricultural investments in the corridor.

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future: The SAGCOT 2022 Annual Report is a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to transforming Tanzania’s agricultural sector. Through strategic initiatives, impactful collaborations, and a focus on sustainability and inclusivity, SAGCOT continues to play a pivotal role in driving forward Tanzania’s agricultural agenda. As SAGCOT progresses, its adaptability, commitment to sustainable development, and collaborative approach remain key to further successes in Tanzania’s agricultural journey.

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