Tanzania Takes Significant Steps to Enhance Agricultural Productivity

At the Nane Nane Exhibition, the Minister of Agriculture Hussein Bashe announced that the Government of Tanzania had taken significant steps to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure sustainable water access. These initiatives include:

  1. Initiating an Extensive Irrigation System Through Well Drilling:
    The government is embarking on a visionary endeavor to establish an irrigation system that will cover a total of 2,714,000 hectares. This ambitious project aims to provide essential irrigation to these vast lands, leading to improved crop yields, responsible water usage, and elevated food security.
  2. Revival of the Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC):
    With an investment of 100 billion Tanzanian Shillings, the rejuvenated Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC) is poised to become a cornerstone of the agricultural landscape. Collaborating closely with Cooperative Societies, the TFC will oversee the distribution of fertilizer nationwide. This cooperative approach ensures an equitable and accessible distribution of fertilizer, as well as the efficient allocation of fertilizer subsidies across diverse regions.

These collaborative efforts between the government, TFC, and Cooperative Societies are set to rejuvenate agricultural practices nationwide, enhancing farmers’ productivity and prosperity. These timely interventions underscore a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the overall advancement of the agricultural sector.

Here are further details about these transformative initiatives:

Irrigation System Implementation Phases:
The implementation of the irrigation system will occur in phases over the course of the next five years. The initial phase, which is already in progress, will encompass 500,000 hectares. Subsequent phases will be rolled out in subsequent years, further extending the benefits of enhanced irrigation.

TFC’s Operational Strategy:
The Tanzania Fertilizer Company (TFC) has already initiated the distribution of fertilizer to farmers across various regions in Tanzania. By collaborating with Cooperative Societies, the company ensures the fair and efficient distribution of fertilizer to farmers.

Unified Commitment to Sustainable Agricultural Growth:
The collaboration among the government, TFC, and Cooperative Societies underscores a shared commitment to establishing a sustainable agricultural sector capable of supporting the needs of Tanzania’s growing population. These stakeholders are also dedicated to fostering innovation within the agricultural domain, incorporating new technologies to augment crop yields and responsible water usage.

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