Tanzania Embarks on a Strategic Journey to Revolutionize Agriculture Through Data

In a stride toward agricultural development and strategic planning, Tanzania has unveiled the Second Agriculture Statistics Strategic Plan (ASSP II), covering the period from July 2022 to June 2027. This comprehensive plan is designed to transform the agricultural sector by improving the collection, management, and utilization of agricultural statistics. As an essential component of the National Statistical System, ASSP II aims to provide a harmonized, coordinated, and high-quality statistical foundation crucial for developing effective interventions and making informed decisions within the agricultural sector.

The ASSP II is a key element of the broader Tanzania Statistical Master Plan Phase Two (TSMPII) for the same period, which focuses on bridging gaps in agricultural statistics and stimulating demand for such data to support policy-making and decision-making processes. This strategic approach underscores the importance of reliable and timely agricultural statistics in driving the sector’s progress and efficiency.

By aligning with national frameworks such as the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and the Zanzibar Development Vision 2050, ASSP II not only supports the Third Five-Year Development Plan (2021-2026) but also integrates with the Zanzibar Development Plan (ZADEP) for 2021-2026. This integration ensures that the agricultural sector’s growth is in harmony with the nation’s overall development goals, contributing significantly to the realization of these visions.

The initiative reflects Tanzania’s commitment to utilizing statistical data as a strategic tool for achieving agricultural advancements. Through ASSP II, the country aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of agricultural statistics, thereby enabling stakeholders at all levels to monitor the sector’s performance accurately, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

As Tanzania embarks on this ambitious journey, the successful implementation of ASSP II promises to usher in a new era of informed agricultural planning and policy-making. This, in turn, is expected to catalyze sustainable development, enhance food security, and improve the livelihoods of millions of Tanzanians, firmly positioning agriculture at the heart of the nation’s economic transformation.

Second Agriculture Statistics Strategic Plan (ASSP II)