Prominent Businessman Azim Dewji Boosts Local Fruit Cultivation in Singida and Ruvuma

Just a few days after renowned Tanzanian businessman Mzee Azim Dewji spoke to the media about two unique fruits, the Matini (Cactus Fruit) from Singida and the Matunda ya Mungu (Mexican Apple) from Songea – Ruvuma, journalists have traveled from Dar es Salaam to Singida to learn more about these fruits.

On Tuesday, Jumanne Ramadhani, a Matini farmer from Singida, expressed his gratitude to Mzee Azim Dewji for highlighting these fruits, which has increased their value and is expected to create more job opportunities for the youth in Singida. Additionally, the farmer requested Dewji’s assistance in finding a market for these fruits, which are noted for their numerous health benefits, including cancer prevention, weight reduction, diabetes management, detoxification, and heart health protection.

Notably, last week, Mzee Azim Dewji addressed the media about his willingness to support farmers in finding markets for the “Matunda ya Mungu” found in Songea and the Matini from Singida. In his statements, Dewji mentioned his commitment to bear the costs associated with market search efforts.

This move by Dewji is seen as a significant boost to the local agricultural sector, particularly in cultivating and promoting these indigenous fruits. The spotlight on these fruits not only opens up new opportunities for local farmers but also emphasizes the potential of local produce to contribute to health and economic growth. Dewji’s involvement exemplifies the crucial role that business leaders can play in supporting and uplifting local communities through agricultural development

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