Nine Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Selected for Prestigious AWIEF 2023 Conference Through VALUE4HER Sponsorship News Team

The VALUE4HER Team has announce the selection of nine extraordinary women entrepreneurs as the recipients of the VALUE4HER Sponsorship for the prestigious African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) 2023 Conference. This opportunity marks a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journey and highlights their incredible contributions to their respective sectors.

VALUE4HER is AGRA’s continental initiative aimed at strengthening women’s agribusiness enterprises and enhancing voice and advocacy across Africa.

Winner Profiles:

  1. Tracy Rashida Alhassan Bawa – CEO of BOOD Company Limited in Ghana, Tracy is a visionary leader known for her innovative approaches in the agribusiness sector.
  2. Haingotiana Radilifera – As Co-founder of Cooperative MIRARY in Madagascar, Haingotiana has made remarkable strides in sustainable agriculture and community development.
  3. Nandi Mkwanazi – Managing Director of Nanloy Organic Farm in South Africa, Nandi is celebrated for her commitment to organic farming and eco-friendly practices.
  4. Blessing Machiya – The Director of Shumbakadzi Investments Pvt Ltd in Zimbabwe, Blessing is a trailblazer in the investment sector, focusing on empowering local communities.
  5. Fortunatha Mmari – Founder & Executive Director of AFCO Investment Co.Ltd in Tanzania, Fortunatha is a prominent figure in entrepreneurial circles, known for her innovative investment strategies.
  6. Azeb Assefa Gudissa – As the Managing Director of Yiblu Foods in Ethiopia, Azeb is revolutionizing the food industry with her focus on health and nutrition.
  7. Amede Olisa-Achingale – Founder of BOSAZ FOODS in Nigeria, Amede’s entrepreneurial spirit is driving change in the food production sector.
  8. Yolande Dedjinou – CEO of Mayodi Incubator in Benin, Yolande’s leadership is instrumental in nurturing startups and fostering innovation.
  9. Angela J Odero – CEO and co-founder of Rio Fish Limited in Kenya, Angela is making waves in the aquaculture industry with her sustainable and innovative approaches.

These remarkable women will bring their diverse experiences and insights to the AWIEF 2023 Conference in Kigali. The VALUE4HER Team is confident that their participation will lead to fruitful and impactful engagements, furthering the cause of women entrepreneurship across Africa.