Igniting Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Hadija Jabiri’s Inspiring Visit to Bihawana Village, Dodoma

Hadija Jabiri, Founder of GBRI(Eatfresh) and Agriedo Limited, recently visited the youth engaged in the BBT Program. Renowned for her work in transforming agriculture into a profitable venture, Jabiri shared her expertise with the young people eager to contribute to the agricultural sector in Tanzania.

The visit, shared by Jabiri on her social media accounts, was a testament to her commitment towards promoting agricultural entrepreneurship among the youth. She admired the Ministry of Agriculture’s initiative to support the BBT Program, indicating that such programs were a stepping stone towards sustainable economic growth.

Jabiri’s visit to Bihawana was not just a courtesy call but an exchange of knowledge and ideas. She engaged in a fruitful dialogue about agricultural business with her young counterparts, inspiring them with her journey and encouraging them to see farming as a lucrative business opportunity.

Asia Msuya is a law graduate and active citizen who is also the vice president of BBT Bihawana. Ms Msuya expressed her gratitude for Jabiri’s visit and motivational talk, stating, “Thank you so much for coming, and we pray you will come again. Bihawana loves you, and your insights are the catalyst that motivates us to chase success.” She noted, “The little we have learned from you is enough food in pursuing success.”