Minister Bashe to Launch Model Tea Processing Facility in Korogwe

Sakare Yetu: Revolutionizing the Tea Industry in Tanzania Team

Tanzania’s agriculture sector is witnessing a remarkable advancement with The Tea Board of Tanzania’s (TBT) recent announcement. As part of the #Ajenda 10/30 initiative, the #SakareYetu project introduces a pioneering tea processing factory. This facility is set to revolutionize Tanzanian tea cultivation and processing, marking a significant stride in agricultural techniques and industry practices.

Set to be launched on December 13, 2023, in Bungu, Korogwe-Tanga, the factory aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of tea processing in the region. With the mantra “Chai ni pesa, Chai ni dawa” (Tea is money, Tea is medicine), the project underscores the economic and health benefits of tea.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Hussein Bashe is scheduled to be the guest of honor at the event, highlighting the government’s commitment to supporting and expanding the agricultural sector as serious business.

This development has been linked to #TwendeShambani (Let’s go to the farm) and #TukutaneSokoni (Let’s meet in the market) movements, encouraging Tanzanians to engage more actively with agriculture and trade. The Tea Board of Tanzania, through its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, is ensuring that the future of the tea industry in Tanzania is not only sustainable but also prosperous.