Minister Bashe Lauds Achievements in Agriculture Under President Hassan’s Visionary Leadership

The Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania has recently unveiled a comprehensive 42-page booklet entitled “Mafanikio ya Kilimo kwa Miaka Mitatu ya Serikali ya Awamu ya Sita” (“Agricultural Successes in the First Three Years of the Sixth Government Phase”). This publication serves as a testament to the country’s strides in the agricultural sector under the stewardship of the current administration.

In the booklet’s foreword, penned by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Hussein M. Bashe, he extends his gratitude to God for the health and life granted to serve the Tanzanian people and proceeds to commend the hardworking Tanzanian farmers who have continually labored in tough conditions to ensure the nation’s food security. The foreword emphasizes that the foundation of national security is indeed food security.

Minister Bashe also offers heartfelt thanks to President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her decisive leadership in embarking on a transformative journey for the agricultural sector. The president’s commitment to investing in crucial areas that promise to enhance productivity, alleviate poverty, and ensure the competitiveness of Tanzanian agricultural products both locally and internationally is highlighted as a cornerstone of this success. Special acknowledgment is given to the president’s political will and investment in long-term projects critical for sustainable agricultural development, such as research, seed production, and irrigation farming.

Furthermore, the foreword appreciates the involvement of private sector stakeholders, financial institutions, and development partners in this enduring journey toward agricultural investment. Their collective engagement is portrayed as vital to the sector’s achievements detailed in the booklet.