Vice President Dr. Philip Mpango and YARA CEO Holsether Forge Stronger Agro-Ties at WEF 2024

*YARA has provided an essential contribution, significantly shaping the development pathway of SAGCOT

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – In an engagement at the World Economic Forum, Vice President Dr. Philip Mpango and YARA International’s CEO, Mr. Svein Tore Holsether, held pivotal discussions that underscored a shared vision for Tanzania’s agricultural transformation. The dialogue, enriched by the presence of high-ranking officials and YARA’s top executives, marked a significant stride in fortifying the partnership between Tanzania and YARA, a principal actor in global agriculture.

Underpinning the talks was Tanzania’s commitment to bolstering YARA’s operations, reflecting the nation’s strategic focus on evolving into a dominant food hub in the region. Dr. Mpango outlined the government’s intent to amplify support for YARA’s endeavors, stressing the urgent need to cater to the rising food demands of a growing population. He underscored the significance of enhancing agricultural infrastructure, including the development of robust warehouses, transportation networks, and irrigation systems, and urged YARA to play a central role in these transformative projects.

In a gesture of collaborative foresight, Dr. Mpango highlighted the imperative of sustainable agricultural practices, advocating for the integration of cutting-edge technology and efficient water management. He emphasized the potential of a joint effort in agricultural research, access to markets for farmers, and the strengthening of ties with farmers’ associations and other relevant entities to bolster ongoing initiatives.

YARA, on its part, resonated with Tanzania’s agricultural ambitions. Reaffirming its dedication to the African Agenda 2030, YARA mapped out strategic plans to deepen its engagement in Tanzania, aiming to enhance food security and fortify farmer capacity. The company’s commitment is manifested in its active involvement with the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT), an initiative pivotal in transforming smallholder agriculture into a sustainable commercial farming sector.

YARA’s role as a founding member of SAGCOT has been instrumental in shaping the corridor’s trajectory. The company’s substantial investment in the SAGCOT Framework has been central to fostering a green growth investment environment, ensuring that agricultural development within the corridor is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically viable. YARA’s efforts in promoting climate-smart agriculture, spearheading agricultural growth corridors, and engaging in multi-stakeholder partnerships have positioned it as a cornerstone in the pursuit of sustainable agricultural growth, not only in Tanzania but across the global stage.

The discussions at WEF 2024, attended by distinguished figures from both Tanzania and YARA, signify a reinforcing of ties and a mutual commitment to propel Tanzania’s agricultural sector to new heights. As YARA continues to drive innovation and support farmer capacity-building, its partnership with Tanzania stands as a testament to the power of collaborative endeavor in shaping a sustainable, prosperous future for agriculture.

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