Kilimo Kwanza Growth Corridors: Transforming Tanzania’s Agriculture for a Brighter Future

Once upon a time in Tanzania, a visionary initiative was born, one that aimed to transform the nation’s agricultural landscape and, in doing so, improve the lives of its people. This initiative was known as the Kilimo Kwanza Growth Corridors.

The story begins in May 2010, during a gathering of influential minds at the World Economic Forum on Africa in Dar es Salaam. It was here that the Kilimo Kwanza Growth Corridors initiative was officially launched. Its primary mission? To mobilize private sector investments and partnerships to support the ambitious goals of Tanzania’s Kilimo Kwanza strategy.

Kilimo Kwanza, which translates to “Agriculture First” in Swahili, was a national strategy that sought to prioritize and revitalize the agricultural sector in Tanzania. The Kilimo Kwanza Growth Corridors initiative was designed to be the driving force behind this strategy. Its vision was clear: by attracting responsible private investment on a large scale, it aimed to trigger rapid and sustainable growth in agriculture. This growth, in turn, would have far-reaching benefits. Here is the original blue print: