Kenya Introduces New Levy on Food Crop Imports and Exports

Nairobi, Kenya – May 29, 2024

The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) of Kenya has announced the imposition of a new levy on importing and exporting food crops, effective July 1, 2024. This move is based on the Crops Act of 2013 and the Crops (Food Crops) Regulations of 2019, which aim to promote, develop, and regulate the production, processing, and trade of scheduled food crops.

Under these new regulations, a levy will be imposed on various food commodities, including cereals, legumes/pulses, and roots and tubers. The specific levies are as follows:

  • Cereals: 2.0% on imports, 0.3% on exports
  • Legumes/Pulses: 2.0% on imports, 0.3% on exports
  • Roots and Tubers: 1.0% on imports, 0.3% on exports

In conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development and relevant stakeholders, the AFA formulated these regulations to better implement the Act’s provisions. These regulations were officially gazetted on December 31, 2019.

This new levy is part of the government’s broader strategy to enhance the agricultural sector’s growth and sustainability by ensuring fair trade practices and supporting local farmers. The revenue generated from these levies is expected to be reinvested into the sector to improve infrastructure, research, and development.

Dr. Bruno Linyiru, the Acting Director General of AFA, emphasized the importance of compliance with these new regulations. Stakeholders in the agricultural sector, including importers and exporters of food crops, are urged to take note of this development and prepare accordingly.

For further clarification, stakeholders can contact the office of the Acting Director of the Food Crops Directorate at or +254790409435.


Dr. Bruno Linyiru
Director General, Agriculture and Food Authority
Phone: +254790409435

For more information, visit

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