Tanzania Targets 10% Agricultural Growth in a Decade with Agenda 10/30

Dar es Salaam

Minister of Agriculture Hussein Mohamed Bashe recently spoke about his Ministry’s visionary ‘Agenda 10/30’. This comprehensive strategy aims to radically transform the landscape of agriculture in Tanzania, addressing critical demographic and economic challenges, and setting ambitious growth targets for the next decade.

During his speech, Minister Bashe emphasized the urgency of adapting to demographic shifts, stating, “Currently, our population is 60 million. We expect that by the year 2030, the number will increase to approximately 80 million.” This anticipated growth from 60 million to an estimated 80 million underscores the pressing need for strategic planning in agriculture to support and sustain this burgeoning population.

Highlighting the current economic challenges, Bashe remarked, “28% of our people are in the quagmire of poverty, and with our economy as it stands, 61% of all Tanzanians are in the agricultural sector, which contributes only 26% to the national GDP.” This stark disparity between the high percentage of the populace engaged in agriculture and its relatively low contribution to GDP underscores the critical need for restructuring and revitalizing the sector.

The minister also shed light on the distribution of the agricultural workforce: “Those in the rural areas represent 61% of the national workforce. And those involved in farming activities and production are only about 15 to 20%.” This reveals a significant underutilization of labor in productive farming activities, highlighting the potential for growth and efficiency improvements.

Under the bold ‘Agenda 10/30’, the Ministry of Agriculture aims for a 10% growth in the sector by 2030. Bashe affirmed, “We as a ministry have set ourselves the goal that by the year 2030, this sector will grow by 10%.” Achieving this ambitious target requires a multifaceted approach, including strengthening collaborations with diverse stakeholders, investing in modern agricultural technologies, enhancing workforce skills, and implementing policies that foster sustainable agricultural practices.

The ‘Agenda 10/30’ is more than a growth plan; it’s a transformative vision aiming to elevate Tanzania’s agricultural sector to new heights of productivity and sustainability. This strategy is expected to enhance food security, reduce poverty, and substantially increase the agricultural contribution to the national economy. The success of this agenda will not only redefine Tanzania’s agricultural landscape but also set a precedent for agricultural development across the African continent.

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