Tanzania and Malawi Collaborate on Songwe Dam Project at COP28 Bilateral Meeting

Dubai, UAE – December 3, 2023 – In a significant bilateral meeting alongside the ongoing United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai, Tanzania’s Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Hon. Abdallah Ulega, participated in discussions regarding the financing of the Songwe Dam project, a collaborative venture between Tanzania and Malawi.

The meeting, jointly organized by Tanzania’s Ministry of Water and Malawi’s Ministry of Water and Sanitation, was a convergence of sectoral leaders and stakeholders, including Tanzania’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Mwigulu Nchemba, Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Hussein Bashe, and Zanzibar’s Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Shamata Khamisi, along with principal secretaries from these ministries.

Chaired by the Chairman of SongweCom, Tanzania’s Minister of Water, Hon. Jumaa Aweso, and co-chaired by Malawi’s Minister of Water, Hon. Abida Sidik Mia, the meeting focused on the Songwe Dam project’s role in addressing climate change. The project aims to mitigate flooding, ensure water availability, generate hydroelectric power, support irrigation farming, and provide water for fishing and livestock activities.

This bilateral initiative underscores the commitment of Tanzania and Malawi to tackle the challenges posed by climate change through infrastructural development. The Songwe Dam, once completed, is expected to serve multiple purposes, significantly benefiting both countries in terms of agricultural productivity, energy generation, and environmental conservation.

The presence of ministers and key officials from various sectors highlights the multidimensional impact of the project, spanning agriculture, finance, water management, and environmental sustainability. It also reflects the growing emphasis on regional collaboration in addressing climate change and its associated challenges.

The discussions at COP28 provide a platform for both nations to explore financing options for the dam’s construction, marking a critical step in realizing a long-envisioned project that promises significant socio-economic and environmental benefits for Tanzania and Malawi.

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