Kenya Addresses Major Post-Harvest Crop Losses through Collaborative Strategy

Nairobi, Kenya – In a series of tweets on September 30th, the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development (@kilimoKE) highlighted the gravity of post-harvest management issues in the country. With an alarming annual estimated loss of 30-40% of harvested crops, Kenya’s agricultural sector is bleeding approximately 70 billion shillings.

To curb this tremendous loss, the Ministry teamed up with @FAOKenya, @uonbi, and various other stakeholders, commemorating the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. The day, a United Nations initiative since 2020, focuses on raising awareness about the essentiality of curbing food loss for both humanity and the planet. This year’s theme was “Stop Food Losses and Waste for the People and for the Planet.”

Emphasizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the Ministry announced a partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Together, they have drafted a post-harvest management strategy, set to be unveiled in November.

Social media user Fodrick Mourice (@MouriceFodrick) chimed in on the matter, stressing the urgency to “advocate for the stoppage of food loss and waste right from our dining tables to the value chain pipe.”

As countries globally grapple with food security concerns, initiatives such as these spotlight the necessity of not just focusing on increasing production but also on efficiently managing and utilizing what is already produced. The upcoming post-harvest management strategy is expected to be a significant step towards realizing this goal for Kenya.