Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Unveils Revised Tariffs for 2023

Nairobi, Kenya – December 22, 2023

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited, commonly known as DTB, has announced its revised tariff schedule for the year 2023. The bank, headquartered at the DTB Centre on Mombasa Road in Nairobi, revealed changes in transaction fees and service charges that will affect its customers.

The new tariff, which came into effect on January 1, 2023, includes adjustments to various banking services, impacting both individual and corporate clients. Here is a breakdown of some of the key changes:

Retrieval of Old Cheques/Withdrawal Slips/Deposit Slips: Customers will now be charged Ksh.1,050 for the retrieval of old cheques, withdrawal slips, or deposit slips.

Bulk Cash Handling Withdrawals: A fee of 0.25% will be applied to withdrawals over Ksh.1 million when handling bulk cash transactions.

Over the Counter Withdrawal: Customers making over-the-counter withdrawals below Ksh.35,000 will incur a Ksh.300 charge. Over-the-counter withdrawals above Ksh.35,000 but less than Ksh.1 million will be subject to a Ksh.200 fee.

Counter Cheques: For each cheque leaf requested, customers will be charged Ksh.400.

Interim Statement Print: The cost of printing an interim statement for the current year will be Ksh.100 per page, with a maximum charge of Ksh.2,500.

E-statements: E-statements, including daily, weekly, monthly, and ad hoc requests, will be subject to a Ksh.25 fee per customized and ad hoc e-statement.

Statement Certification: Customers requesting statement certification will be charged Ksh.1,000.

Paper Statement – Postage: The cost for paper statements will vary depending on courier charges, with an additional Ksh.50.

Internal Funds Transfer: Manual internal fund transfers will incur a Ksh.100 fee, while online and mobile transfers will cost Ksh.30.

Tax & Government Agency Payments: Manual payments to tax and government agencies will be charged Ksh.200, whereas online and mobile payments will cost Ksh.100.

Bill Payments – Manual: Customers making manual bill payments will be charged Ksh.50.

SMS Alerts: Debit alerts will be provided at no charge, while other SMS alerts will cost Ksh.2 per SMS (optional).

Cheque Returned by Other Banks (Inward Unpaid): Each cheque returned by other banks will result in a Ksh.500 charge per item.

Inward Direct Debits: Inward direct debits will incur a Ksh.150 fee.

Internal Standing Order Processing: The processing of internal standing orders will cost Ksh.30.

Stop Payment per Cheque Book Series: Customers requesting to stop payment for a continuous series of cheques will be charged Ksh.1,000.

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya has reminded its customers that all tariffs are subject to applicable taxes. The bank encourages its clients to stay informed about these changes and to review their account statements for any applicable charges.

For more information on the revised tariffs or any other banking inquiries, customers can contact DTB Centre at +254 719 031 888, +254 732 121 888, or +254 020 284 9000, or email contactcentre@dtbafrica.com.

DTB remains committed to providing its customers with excellent banking services and financial solutions while ensuring transparency in its fee structure.