AGRA Grantee: Agricultural Research Institute Mlingano

Name of organization/ AGRA Grantee: Agricultural Research Institute Mlingano

Project title: Strengthening Institutions and Capacity in Fertilizer Quality Control in Tanzania

Duration: 3 years

Amount: 396,876 USD

Project objectives:

  1. Create awareness of the stakeholders on the Fertilizer Act and quality control
  2. Train personnel that will be used by TFRA in implementing the Act by inspecting fertilizers and analysis of fertilizers.


Meetings, agricultural shows, TV, Redio and brochures were used to sensitize stakeholders.

Selected staff with skills in agriculture from the districts were trained in fertilizer inspection and

laboratory technicians from earmarked zonal soil laboratories were trained in fertilizer analytical procedures.


Through this project, 100 fertilizer inspectors, 15 analysts were trained, 338 Agro-dealers sensitized and at about 8000 stakeholders sensitized though TV, radio stations and brochures.

The project directly supported TFRA by equipping its offices with necessary facilities and facilitating it to air sensitization programs through TV and radio stations. Fertilizer type, origin and quality on the market identified and documented.

As a result of this project companies and Agro dealers turned up for registration by TFRA, fertilizers on the market are being registered, inspected and analyzed. Adulterated and substandard fertilizers are being identified and taken out of the market. The project has achieved to make TFRA start implementing its mandate of fertilizer quality control.