18th Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Global Forum to Explore Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership in Islamic Finance

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, April 21, 2024 – The anticipation is high as the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Institute gears up for the 18th edition of the IsDB Global Forum on Islamic Finance, scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on April 28, 2024. Set against the IsDB Group Annual Meetings and Golden Jubilee Celebration, this year’s forum promises to be a milestone event in Islamic finance.

Themed “Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership in Islamic Finance,” the forum is set to convene a diverse array of thought leaders, policymakers, financial experts, and stakeholders within the Islamic finance industry. The primary focus will be on exploring innovative tools to foster sustainable development within the framework of Islamic finance principles.

Eminent figures, including H.E. Dr. Muhammad Al Jasser, Chairman of the IsDB Group; H.E. Dr. Stephen Groff, Governor of the Saudi National Development Fund; and Engineer Mutlaq H. Al-Morished, CEO of Tasnee Corporation, will deliver keynote addresses.

One of the forum’s highlights will be the presentation of the 2024 IsDB Prize for Impactful Achievement in Islamic Economics. This year’s laureate is Professor Mehmet Asutay, whose groundbreaking contributions to Islamic economics and finance have earned him this prestigious accolade.

The forum will feature two sessions aimed at delving into critical topics. The first session will focus on the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in driving sustainable development, particularly within the context of Islamic finance. Distinguished panellists will share insights and perspectives on this important theme.

The second session will showcase the Smart Stabilization System, an innovative algorithm developed by the IsDB Institute in collaboration with blockchain company SettleMint. This system, which aims to enhance stability in financial markets, holds significant promise for the future of Islamic finance.

Additionally, the forum will witness the launch of a new IsDBI report titled “Catalyzing Social Entrepreneurship through Islamic Finance.” This report explores the potential of Islamic finance in supporting social entrepreneurship and impact investing, shedding light on new avenues for growth and development.

The IsDB Global Forum on Islamic Finance, established in 2006, serves as a crucial platform for strategic policy dialogue on knowledge and innovation within Islamic finance and development. As the world continues to navigate complex economic challenges, the insights and discussions emerging from this forum are poised to shape the future of Islamic finance and contribute to global sustainable development efforts.