AGRA’s Dr. Agnes Kalibata Highlights the Role of Innovative Business Models in Africa’s Climate Agenda Team

In the scenic heart of Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, enveloped by its majestic, snow-covered peaks, the 54th World Economic Forum (WEF) unfolds with a compelling theme: “Rebuilding Trust.” Scheduled from January 15th to 19th, 2024, the assembly provides an unparalleled platform for global leaders to engage in deep discourse on the foundational aspects of trust – transparency, consistency, and accountability – critical in navigating the complexities of today’s interconnected world.

This year, WEF proudly unveils the SDG Tent, a unique and vibrant space committed to organizations driving impactful change and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More than a mere meeting place, the SDG Tent is envisaged as a crucible of ideas and collaborations, showcasing an eclectic mix of data, best practices, and innovative insights linked to the SDGs. It is poised to inspire and empower participants to undertake tangible actions in line with the UN’s Decade of Change, fostering a spirit of global responsibility and proactive engagement.

AGRA’s Landmark Session: Charting a New Course for African Food Systems

The spotlight intensifies on January 16th as the AGRA assumes a central role at the SDG Tent. Helmed by its President, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, AGRA orchestrates a vital session that promises to bring to the fore the influential figures and groundbreaking business models at the helm of Africa’s climate agenda. This session is not just a discussion; it’s a clarion call to action, focusing on the critical nexus of sustainable food systems, climate-responsive strategies, and job creation, vital for Africa’s future.

Galvanizing Leaders and Innovators

The session’s lineup is nothing short of impressive, featuring:

  • H.E. Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General, African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat
  • Rt Hon. Tony Blair, Executive Chairman, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
  • Hon. Francis Gatare, CEO, Rwanda Development Board
  • Industry titans from Yara International, Bayer Foundation, GAIN, and SNV

Their collective wisdom and insights are set to ignite a powerful dialogue on sustainable development.

Dr. Kalibata’s Clarion Call for Collective Endeavor

Emphasizing the urgency of unified efforts across public and private sectors, Dr. Kalibata advocates for scaling up innovative models and partnerships. She articulates a vision of a strategy that not only nurtures sustainable food systems in Africa but also galvanizes partners to foster environments where private sectors and smallholders flourish. Addressing the challenges posed by climate change and systemic obstacles in finance, market access, and trade infrastructures forms a central tenet of her message.

The Road to the Africa Food Systems Summit

This session acts as a prelude to the much-anticipated Africa Food Systems Summit (AGRF) scheduled for September 2024. It is a vital juncture in setting the agenda and identifying key actions that will shape the future of sustainable development in Africa, marking a significant stride in the journey towards a resilient and prosperous continent.

A Defining Moment for a Sustainable and Equitable Future

As the world’s eyes turn to the WEF and its outcomes, particularly those emerging from the SDG Tent, there’s a palpable sense of potential and promise. These discussions and resolutions bear immense significance, with the power to influence the trajectory of sustainable development and climate resilience across Africa. This year’s forum stands as a pivotal event, a beacon of hope and direction in our collective journey towards a more sustainable, just, and equitable world.


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