Transforming Tanzania’s Youth: The Inspiring Story of VIJANA WAUZA VITUNGUU (VIWAVI)

Tanzania: Nestled along the bustling main road from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya, lies the Ruaha Mbuyuni area, where a group of 20 young entrepreneurs is reshaping the landscape of the onion trade. The VIJANA WAUZA VITUNGUU (VIWAVI) Group, hailing from the Kilolo District, operates in the Kilombero District of the Morogoro Region. Their mission? To revolutionize their trade and create a better experience for both sellers and buyers.

Their journey began with a common problem faced by customers like Mr. Kirenga and the employees of the SAGCOT Institute. Onion sellers in the area resorted to loud calls and aggressive tactics to attract buyers, causing discomfort and frustration for potential customers. But on a fateful day in January 2021, Mr. Kirenga decided to tackle this issue head-on.

Mr. Kirenga, a loyal customer, sought to understand the sellers’ business operations and motives behind their aggressive marketing tactics. Unimpressed by what he discovered, he offered invaluable advice on establishing a system that would eliminate these practices and enhance the overall shopping experience.

One of Mr. Kirenga’s transformative suggestions was for the onion sellers to formalize their business operations by forming legal groups. He even provided financial support by contributing 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings to facilitate a meeting with local district officials. The group leaders were warmly received by the District Development Officer and a local councilor, who provided guidance on the process of registering youth groups. With Mr. Kirenga’s guidance, the group officially became VIJANA WAUZA VITUNGUU (VIWAVI).

With their newfound status as a registered group, VIWAVI members pooled their resources and opened a bank account. Each member contributed 5,000 Tanzanian Shillings, resulting in an initial deposit of 100,000 Shillings. Following Mr. Kirenga’s advice once again, they agreed to purchase three shares per week at 6,000 Shillings each, leading to the accumulation of 2,000,000 Shillings in their account. This financial strategy allowed them to lend money among themselves, fostering capital growth and financial stability.

What sets VIWAVI apart is their commitment to mutual support and unity. The group has undergone a significant transformation, not just in terms of their financial status but also in their mindset. Young entrepreneurs have become creditworthy individuals who understand that success in business is not solely dependent on capital but also on knowledge, innovation, and unity.

This success story of VIWAVI exemplifies the tremendous potential of young people when provided with guidance and mentorship. Mr. Kirenga’s initial contribution and ongoing support have been instrumental in their journey towards self-improvement and financial empowerment.

VIWAVI’s positive outcomes extend beyond their financial achievements:

  1. A shift in the mindset of young entrepreneurs towards unity and mutual support.
  2. The development of creditworthiness among young members.
  3. A newfound appreciation for the importance of knowledge and innovation in business.
  4. Increased self-awareness and a positive outlook towards leadership and government.

Mr. Kirenga continues to serve as a mentor, actively monitoring VIWAVI’s progress and success. As young leaders, they inspire other travelers and young individuals to invest in intellectual development, just as Mr. Kirenga and the SAGCOT Institute have done for them.

In conclusion, VIJANA WAUZA VITUNGUU (VIWAVI) is a shining example of how roadside markets can play a pivotal role in providing employment opportunities for young people and stimulating economic growth in rural areas. Their unwavering belief in the agricultural policy, “AGRICULTURE IS THE NATION’S OXYGEN – AGRICULTURE IS THE NATION’S LIFE!” serves as a beacon of hope for the future of agriculture in Tanzania.

For those interested in contacting VIWAVI group located in Kilolo, please reach out to their Secretary, Mr. Kibwana Mnyatiwilu, at 0678 761 055. Join them in their journey of transformation and empowerment, as they continue to make strides in the world of entrepreneurship and agriculture.