Transforming Poultry Farming in Ihemi through SilverLands Tanzania Limited’s T-PEC Centre

Ihemi, Tanzania — Nestled in the agricultural heartlands of Ihemi, SilverLands Tanzania Limited’s Poultry Training Centre (T-PEC) stands as a beacon of innovation and education in the Tanzanian poultry sector. Since its launch in 2016, T-PEC has revolutionized local agriculture by providing advanced training in poultry farming to over 3,500 participants. This initiative has been instrumental in driving employment and stimulating economic growth in the region.

The training programs are specifically designed to address the critical gaps in modern farming techniques, uplifting small-scale farmers and enhancing the operational capabilities of non-governmental organizations involved in the sector. Stakeholders across the poultry value chain have expressed their satisfaction, noting significant improvements in their production capabilities and business sustainability.

Michael Nyagawa, a small-scale farmer from Njombe who benefited from the training, shared his experience. “Thanks to T-PEC’s training, my poultry business has improved dramatically, both in productivity and sustainability,” Nyagawa remarked. He also lauded the government’s efforts under President Samia Suluhu Hassan for creating an investment-friendly environment that has further enabled his business to flourish.

Alice Tendega, a senior officer at T-PEC, explained the comprehensive nature of the training provided. “We have successfully conducted training in three main areas: advanced meat chicken farming, egg production, and general poultry management,” said Tendega. She emphasized the centre’s commitment to expanding its offerings each year to accommodate more farmers and increase the sophistication of its courses to meet the evolving poultry industry needs.

Khalid Mgaramo, the SAGCOT Ihemi cluster manager, highlighted the broader impacts of these training sessions. “Despite the advancements, many farmers still face significant hurdles such as insufficient knowledge, lack of funds, and the high costs associated with quality feed and production. T-PEC is crucial in mitigating these challenges,” he explained.

The strategic collaboration at T-PEC involves 22 diverse partners, including grassroots farmers, leading agribusinesses such as AKM Glitters, and financial institutions like NMB and CRDB, alongside several industry associations. This coalition is instrumental in scaling up best practices across the sector and fostering a more collaborative approach to agriculture.

Reflecting on the industry’s growth, recent statistics indicate that Tanzania processed approximately 104,000 tons of chicken meat in 2017, with a steady % Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4%. Through its comprehensive training programs, T-PEC is set to play a central role in continuing this upward trajectory, contributing significantly to a sustainable agricultural economy in Tanzania. This commitment to education and development at T-PEC enriches the local community and sets a standard for poultry farming education across Africa.