Tanzanian Entrepreneur Elizabeth Swai Celebrated with Prestigious Aspirational Leader Award, Appointed CALA Alumni Country Chair

Kilimokwanza.org Team

Exceptional Leadership and National Recognition

As an affirmation of her exceptional leadership skills and significant contributions towards driving forward the development of the agriculture sector (poultry) in Tanzania, Elizabeth Swai, the dynamic Managing Director of AKM Glitters Company Limited and founder of Voice of Agriculture Media in Tanzania, has been honoured with the 2023 Aspirational Leader Award by the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt). The accolade recognizes Ms. Swai’s exceptional leadership qualities and her substantial contributions towards advancing Tanzania’s development.

A Record of Diverse Achievements

Ms. Swai’s impressive track record extends far beyond her immediate business interests, as evidenced by her multiple award recognitions, including the Change Driver Award, Impact Award, Women in Management, Malkia wa Nguvu Award, and Women of Achievement in Agribusiness award. AKM Glitters, under her visionary leadership, has not only been recognized as one of the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies but has also played a pivotal role in transforming the Rural Poultry Sector in Tanzania through the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative.

CALA Leadership Role in African Agriculture

Featured in the 2023 publication “CALA IMPACT: African Food Systems Champions Forging Innovative Pathways” by the Centre for African Leaders in Agriculture (CALA), Elizabeth Swai has been recognized as a Tanzanian Food Systems Champion. Following this honour, Ms. Swai has been appointed as the Alumni Country Champion for Tanzania. This role, which she will serve from August 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, places her among an elite group of leaders from eight African nations. In this capacity, she is poised to play a crucial role in advancing CALA’s mission of nurturing and supporting leaders within Africa’s agricultural sector.

Revitalizing Africa’s agriculture sector involves a complex and multi-dimensional approach. Through the joint efforts of AGRA, the African Management Institute (AMI), USAID Policy LINK, and the German Development Cooperation via KfW Bank, the Centre for African Leaders in Agriculture (CALA) plays a pivotal role in this evolution. CALA is accelerating this shift by cultivating strong and effective leaders. The Advanced Leadership Programme is at the forefront of addressing the continent’s food security challenges. It employs a distinctive strategy that integrates comprehensive knowledge, actionable tools, practical on-the-job coaching, and a focus on environmental sustainability.

CALA alumni are poised to be key drivers in the advancement of Africa’s agricultural landscape within their respective countries. Equipped with in-depth knowledge, strategic insights, and practical skills honed through the Centre’s robust training and mentorship programs, these leaders are uniquely positioned to implement transformative changes. Their role extends beyond mere application of techniques; they are expected to inspire innovation, foster sustainable practices, and influence policy-making that aligns with the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. By acting as catalysts for growth and development, CALA alumni are crucial in shaping a more prosperous and food-secure future for Africa, one that harnesses the full potential of its agricultural resources and communities.

Collaboration and Influence

The invitation, extended by Yifru Bekele, the Head of State Capability at AGRA, signifies Ms. Swai’s distinguished leadership qualities and her influential role in advancing Tanzania’s agricultural landscape. Working closely with Mr. Samson Odongo from the African Management Institute, Ms. Swai will actively contribute to CALA’s overarching objectives and strategies.

Impact Beyond Business

Her multifaceted contributions to industry and community development are underscored by her founding roles in the African Agribusiness Academy and Africa Women in Agribusiness. Holding pivotal positions in various associations and councils, including the Professional Poultry Association, and Feed Mill Association, and as Vice Chair of the Poultry Breeders Association, Ms. Swai’s influence spans across sectors.

Advocacy for Education and Empowerment

Beyond her business endeavours, Ms. Swai is a passionate advocate for education and empowerment, particularly focusing on creating opportunities for children, youths, and women. Her positive influence extends to the broader community, impacting smallholder farmers and contributing to the socio-economic fabric of Tanzania.

The CEOrt’s recognition of Elizabeth Swai with the Aspirational Leader Award not only celebrates her achievements but also highlights the critical role played by private sector leaders in driving Tanzania’s developmental agenda. This aligns seamlessly with CEOrt’s mission to foster ethical leadership, and responsible business practices, and promote socio-economic prosperity throughout the nation. Elizabeth Swai’s leadership journey continues to inspire and set a benchmark for aspiring leaders in Tanzania and beyond.