Tanzanian Agricultural Sector Reaches New Heights Under President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s Tenure

According to recent statistics released by the Presidential Communication Directorate, Tanzania’s agricultural sector has witnessed significant growth and success under President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s leadership. The budget for agriculture has soared to 970.8 billion Tanzanian shillings for the fiscal year 2023/2024, marking a substantial increase from the previous year’s budget of 294 billion shillings.

The figures were released in an infographic showcasing the achievements of the agriculture sector during President Hassan’s administration. The image, which features President Hassan herself, highlights the robust agricultural investment, a cornerstone of Tanzania’s economy.

Notably, the country has seen a remarkable increase in seed production, with 58,807 tonnes of seeds distributed, a significant rise from the previous tally of 50,747 tonnes. This surge in seed availability is expected to enhance crop yields and support food security.

The infographic also boasts an impressive value of agricultural exports, reaching 2.3 trillion Tanzanian shillings, approximately 1.2 billion US dollars. This increase in export value signifies Tanzania’s growing presence in the international market and underscores the quality of Tanzanian agricultural products.

The infographic shows an increase in food and cash crop sales to 20.4 million tons and 1.29 million tons, respectively. This surge in productivity has translated to food crop sales valued at 18.6 trillion Tanzanian shillings, with cash crops generating an impressive 898,967 million Tanzanian shillings. These cash crops include strategic crops like coffee, tobacco, cotton, cashew nuts, and tea, which are significant sources of foreign exchange.

Additionally, the Tanzanian government has demonstrated its commitment to youth employment and the future of agriculture with the “Building an Industrial Driven Economy” program, which has led to the establishment of 686 youth projects. These initiatives are spread across pivotal regions such as Dodoma, Mbeya, Njombe, Kigoma, and Kagera, fostering a new generation of agripreneurs and contributing to the overall national development.

President Hassan’s strategic focus on agriculture aims to enhance current production and positions Tanzania as a future leader in sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. This focus on agricultural investment is a testament to the government’s commitment to harnessing the full potential of the sector for national prosperity.

The administration’s approach to empower youth through these developmental projects indicates a forward-looking vision that promises to build a resilient economy with a foundation in agricultural innovation and industrialization.

These achievements, spanning from the 2021/2022 to the 2022/2023 fiscal years, showcase President Hassan’s dedication to uplifting the agricultural sector and lay a strong foundation for sustained economic growth and food security in Tanzania.

The sector’s achievements reflect the current administration’s commitment to bolstering the economy through agriculture. With these encouraging figures, Tanzania’s agricultural sector is poised to continue its growth trajectory and contribute significantly to its GDP.

The Presidential Communication Directorate emphasizes that these milestones represent more than just numbers; they are indicative of the tangible progress made from 2021/2022 to 2022/2023, as Tanzania strengthens its agricultural capabilities and continues to empower its farmers.