Tea Board of Tanzania (TBT) Director Discusses Opportunities at the Weekly Tea Auction


In a recent update from the Tea Board of Tanzania (TBT), Mary Kipeja, the Director General, discussed the manifold opportunities presented at the ongoing weekly Tea Auction in Tanzania. This event, pivotal to the nation’s tea industry, aims to assemble a diverse group of stakeholders, including local and international companies, as well as investors with an interest in the tea sector.

Kipeja highlighted the auction as a prime opportunity for participants to gain direct access to high-quality tea leaves and to network with key industry players. It is an essential platform for tea producers to display their products and for buyers to procure the finest Tanzanian tea, renowned for its rich flavor and premium quality.

The Tanzania Tea Board encourages companies and stakeholders to seize these opportunities, underlining the auction’s significance in driving growth and development within the tea sector. Participation allows stakeholders to contribute to the tea market’s expansion both locally and globally, leveraging Tanzania’s esteemed status as a leading tea producer. To facilitate international participation, the board offers support in connecting international companies with local representatives.

This weekly tea auction forms part of Tanzania’s broader strategy to bolster its agricultural sector and enhance export capabilities. By inviting a wide array of stakeholders, the Tanzania Tea Board aims to amplify the tea industry’s contribution to the national economy, fostering sustainable development and prosperity.

“For stakeholders looking to explore the vibrant Tanzanian tea sector, the weekly auction is a gateway to a multitude of prospects,” stated Kipeja. “Through this platform, we not only showcase our exceptional tea but also forge significant industry connections that pave the way for future growth.”

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