Tanzania Sets the Stage for Global Tea Industry Revolution at Premier Stakeholders Forum

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Hussein Bashe and Director General Mary Kipeja Collaborate to Elevate Tanzania's Tea Industr

Dodoma, Tanzania – March 25, 2024 – Tanzania is on the threshold of an unprecedented transformation in its tea industry as it gears up for A Major Forum for Tea Stakeholderson March 26, 2024, according to a press release by Mary E. Kipeja, the Director-General.

The forum, themed ‘Seize the Opportunity, Accelerate the Development of Tanzania’s Tea Industry,’ is expected to herald a new age of innovation, environmental sustainability, and global partnerships, propelling Tanzania into a leading position in the international tea market.”

Echoing the nation’s commitment to fostering economic growth and sustainable practices, the forum will be graced by the presence of Agriculture Minister, Hon. Hussein M. Bashe, alongside an international assembly of industry stakeholders. This collaborative initiative aims to not only bolster Tanzania’s tea production and marketability but also to forge vital partnerships that extend far beyond its borders.

With a carefully curated agenda, the forum is dedicated to addressing the tea industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. From dissecting the successes and learning curves of past years to the strategic unveiling of forward-looking plans, the discussions are geared towards catalyzing significant advancements in tea production, quality, and global trade. The highlight of the event will be the presentation of the Tea Industry Strategic Plan and the Tea Institute’s Corporate Strategic Plan, a testament to Tanzania’s ambitious vision for a sustainable and prosperous tea industry.

In recognition of exceptional contributions to the sector, the Tanzania Tea Board will present awards, symbolizing the collective effort and innovation that are pivotal to the industry’s success. As stated by Director-General Mary E. Kipeja in the press release, this forum is not just an event but a milestone in aligning Tanzania’s tea industry with global market demands and sustainability goals. It stands as a beacon of Tanzania’s readiness to embrace the future, highlighting its potential to become a cornerstone of the global tea economy.