Tanzania aims to become a major player in the global cassava market

Tanzania launched its National Cassava Development Strategy (NCDS) 2020-2030, a comprehensive plan to increase cassava production, improve the cassava value chain, and enhance food security.

Cassava is a vital crop in Tanzania, contributing significantly to food security and income generation for millions of households, particularly in rural areas. The NCDS 2020-2030 aims to increase cassava production from the current 6.2 million tons to 11.2 million tons by 2030, by promoting the adoption of improved cassava varieties, better agronomic practices, and value addition.

The NCDS also aims to address the challenges facing the cassava value chain, such as post-harvest losses, low productivity, and inadequate infrastructure. To achieve this, the strategy seeks to promote adopting environmentally sustainable practices in cassava production, such as biofertilizers and integrated pest management.

In addition, the NCDS 2020-2030 seeks to establish cassava processing industries nationwide. This will create new opportunities for farmers, processors, and other stakeholders in the cassava value chain, leading to increased income generation and job creation.

Launching the National Cassava Development Strategy (NCDS) 2020-2030 is a significant step towards improving cassava production and value addition in Tanzania. The strategy aligns with the government’s efforts to promote agriculture as a key economic growth and poverty reduction sector.

The NCDS is expected to contribute to the country’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and enhance food security in Tanzania. It also aligns with the African Union’s Malabo Declaration, which calls for the transformation of African agriculture by implementing innovative strategies and programs.

Implementing the National Cassava Development Strategy (NCDS) 2020-2030 can enhance the livelihoods of millions of Tanzanians and make the country a major player in the global cassava market. The strategy is a positive development for Tanzania’s agricultural sector and its economy as a whole.

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