Tanzania Agro-Industrial Development Program (SAPZ)


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through her midterm development agenda, the Five Year Development Plan III (2021/2022- 2025/26) has strategized for a significant increase in agro-processing output.

She has thus embarked in the development and operation of the Agro-Industrial Processing Hub (Mega Industrial Processing Hub) to be located on the land with approximately 226 Acres located in Old Shinyanga Town within the jurisdiction of Shinyanga Municipal Council in Shinyanga District, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania. It is located on the right hand side along the Shinyanga to Old Shinyanga Road approximately 10 Km from Shinyanga Municipality Centre.

The hub also known as Agro-Industrial Parks, Agribusiness Parks, or Mega Food Parks is designed to concentrate agro-processing activities within areas of high agricultural potential to boost productivity and integrate the production, processing and marketing of selected agricultural commodities. The Proposed hub is the brainchild of the African Development Bank (AfDB) through its Feed Africa Strategy aimed at establishing of Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) whereby Mega Industrial Processing Hubs, Agro-Transformation Centers (ATCs) and Aggregation Centers (ACs) and Fish Aggregation Centers (FACs) are developed.

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