Prof. Ed Mabaya Advocates for SPEAR Strategy at CALA Leadership Forum

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Dr. Ed Mabaya, a renowned agricultural economist and researcher, emphasized the need for a holistic approach to tackle Africa’s pressing food insecurity issues. Speaking at the CALA Leadership Forum during the AGRF2023 summit, Mabaya introduced the acronym “SPEAR” – representing Sustainability, Productivity, Empowerment, Adaptation, and Resilience. He stressed that these core principles are essential for transforming the continent’s food systems.

“The challenges facing our food systems are multifaceted. It isn’t just about increasing production but doing so in a manner that is sustainable, inclusive, and resilient to the changing climate,” Mabaya remarked during his address.

Dr. Mabaya’s call for a comprehensive strategy was well-received by participants at the forum, many of whom represent major agricultural stakeholders across Africa. The session offered a platform for leaders to engage in constructive discussions, promoting collaboration and shared learning.

The CALA Leadership Forum, an integral part of AGRF2023, showcases thought leadership and innovative strategies for enhancing food systems across the continent. Mabaya’s presentation underscored the forum’s commitment to actionable insights and solution-driven dialogues.