Silverlands Tanzania Advocates for Early Vaccination to Boost Poultry Health

By Charles Anthony

Silverlands Tanzania, a prominent figure in the country’s poultry sector, is calling on stakeholders to prioritize the early vaccination of chicks. This initiative aims to improve the health and resilience of poultry from birth, thereby decreasing mortality rates caused by prevalent diseases.

On March 2nd, 2024, Silverlands Tanzania organized a seminar at Rombo Green View Hotel in Dar es Salaam, attended by over 250 participants from Dar es Salaam and the coastal region. The seminar focused on the critical role of healthy chicks in reducing chicken mortality and enhancing profitability in the poultry business.

In partnership with Ceva Santé Animale, a company specializing in poultry treatments, medicines, and vaccines, Silverlands Tanzania emphasizes the importance of early vaccination. This approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by poultry farmers and the advantages of preventive measures. Vaccinating chicks from an early age is believed to strengthen their immune systems, protecting them against various diseases and health issues.

Dr. Fidelis Martin from Silverlands Tanzania highlighted the necessity of quality chicks, capital, and proper farming techniques for success in the poultry industry during the seminar.

Silverlands Tanzania’s advocacy for early vaccination aligns with global animal husbandry best practices, which favor preventive healthcare to optimize productivity and minimize losses. The company aims to establish a new benchmark for excellence in poultry farming within the region by advocating for robust vaccination protocols from the start.

The importance of early vaccination is particularly significant in Tanzania’s agricultural landscape, where the poultry industry is a vital component of the national economy and food security. Initiatives like those promoted by Silverlands Tanzania have the potential to effect positive change across the sector.

By endorsing early vaccinations as a means to enhance poultry welfare and sustainability, Silverlands Tanzania is addressing disease and mortality at their root causes. This approach is expected to lead to improved growth rates, higher yields, and increased profitability for farmers.

As Silverlands Tanzania continues to advocate for forward-thinking practices in poultry farming, its expertise and dedication to excellence are set to benefit the wider agricultural community. Through ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing, the vision of a healthier, more resilient poultry industry in Tanzania is gradually becoming a reality.

The company is aligned with the SAGCOT Poultry Strategic Partnership, which seeks to drastically develop the poultry value chain in Tanzania for improved food security and national development.