Ministry of Agriculture to Distribute 200,000 Clove Seedlings to Farmers in Morogoro


In a bid to enhance the production, processing, and marketing of cloves, stakeholders in agriculture have been urged to harness the potential of the spice to significantly contribute to the economy. Cloves can generate up to 1.8 billion Tanzanian Shillings in revenue annually for a single district, thus uplifting the economic status.

These sentiments were expressed by the Regional Administrative Secretary of Morogoro, Mussa Ally Mussa, during a meeting organized by the Ministry of Agriculture to introduce clove farming and seedlings distribution. Mussa encouraged farmers to prioritize clove cultivation while urging local authorities to support the initiative.

Mussa emphasized that every primary and secondary school in the region should engage in clove cultivation to boost school development, especially through the proceeds from clove sales.

On the other hand, the Director of Crop Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, Beatrice Banzi, stated that the ministry’s objective of introducing clove farming in Morogoro follows assessments indicating the suitability of the region for clove cultivation due to its vast land and adequate water resources. Banzi revealed plans to distribute over two hundred thousand seedlings to farmers in Morogoro Region.

Lazaro Kanuti, the agricultural officer of Mvomero District, pledged to implement the directive from the regional administrative secretary by mobilizing agricultural officers and farmers to fully exploit the potential of clove farming for the benefit of both individuals and the nation at large.