Research Transforming Agricultural Business, Says Permanent Secretary Mweli

February 20, 2024 –

Researchers from the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) have been urged to ensure that the results of their studies reach the community, including investors and commercial companies, to be utilized for business purposes and to address various challenges within society.

The call was made today, February 20, by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Gerald Mweli, during the Handover Ceremony of Office between the outgoing Director-General of the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Dr. Godfrey Mkamilo, and the incoming Director-General, Dr. Thomas Bwana, held at the TARI Headquarters in Makutopola, Dodoma.

Permanent Secretary Mweli stated, “There are studies whose results have shed light on addressing various challenges within society, including the agricultural sector, while others have been used by investors to find solutions to various market challenges.” He emphasized that since TARI has researchers whose studies have provided solutions to challenges in seed quality and value addition to products demanded in the market, it is time to enter into agreements with private sector stakeholders to collaborate in commercializing the discoveries resulting from these studies.

He further said, “There are studies conducted by TARI researchers, especially in seeds, fertilizers, and even food, with correct answers that bring positive outcomes to society. Now there are research results that can be used commercially, and it’s time to work together with the private sector to ensure that these research results are turned into market products.”

Permanent Secretary Mweli also urged TARI to fully utilize the Ministry of Agriculture’s Centers of Excellence in carrying out their research duties, while assuring them that the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that modern research equipment meeting international standards are available in the country.

In his speech before handing over the office, outgoing TARI Director-General Dr. Godfrey Mkamilo, while thanking the Ministry of Agriculture for enabling TARI to carry out its activities effectively, urged TARI employees to continue focusing on innovation and working efficiently to achieve the institution’s goals.

He said, “The Ministry of Agriculture has been a great support to TARI, especially by ensuring that the institution’s budget is increased to enable it to carry out its work effectively. Therefore, I urge you to continue working efficiently in advancing the activities of this institution, work diligently, and conduct research that yields results.”

The new Director-General of TARI, Dr. Thomas Bwana, urged TARI employees to ensure that they achieve the goals of the institution to make it a center of excellence in research that is productive and transformative in agriculture.