National Development Vision 2050 Agricultural Stakeholders Meeting

Dodoma, Tanzania – In a concerted effort to shape Tanzania’s agricultural future, the Planning Commission is organizing a critical stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the National Development Vision 2050 (Vision 2050). This meeting, set to take place on June 15, 2024, at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam, aims to gather valuable input from key players in the agricultural sector.

Vision 2050: The National Development Vision 2050 is a strategic framework designed to guide Tanzania’s economic and social development over the next three decades. This vision aims to transform Tanzania into a middle-income country through sustainable development, economic diversification, and inclusive growth. The Planning Commission is currently in the phase of stakeholder engagement and public consultation to ensure that the Vision is comprehensive and inclusive.

Purpose of the Meeting: The primary goal of this meeting is to obtain specific insights and feedback from agricultural stakeholders. This input is crucial for understanding the broad landscape of the agricultural sector and integrating stakeholder perspectives into the Vision 2050. The government recognizes and values the significant contributions made by individuals and organizations involved in coordinating the agricultural value chain across the country.

The meeting will bring together a diverse group of participants, including:

  • Cereals and other Produce Regulatory Authority (COPRA): Regulates the production and distribution of cereals and other produce to ensure food security and quality standards.
  • Southern Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT): A partnership to catalyse responsible agricultural investment in Tanzania’s southern corridor.
  • Leaders from the Tanzania Seed Traders Association (TASTA): Ensures the availability and quality of seeds, which are fundamental for agricultural productivity.
  • Representatives from Crop Live International: Specializes in crop protection products to enhance agricultural yield and sustainability.
  • Chairs from the Poultry Sector and the Tanzania Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (TAFMA): Key players in the livestock and poultry industries, crucial for food security and economic stability.
  • Members from the Poultry Association of Zanzibar (PAZ) and the Tanzania Poultry Breeders Association (TPBA): Represent the interests of poultry breeders and ensure the quality and health of poultry stocks.
  • Researchers from the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI): Lead agricultural research initiatives to drive innovation and development in the sector.

Agenda: The stakeholders will engage in discussions aimed at collecting opinions and recommendations for the Vision 2050 preparation. This collaborative effort is expected to enhance the understanding of the agricultural sector’s challenges, opportunities, and future directions. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Sustainable Agricultural Practices: Strategies for promoting environmentally friendly farming techniques.
  • Agricultural Technology and Innovation: Integration of modern technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Market Access and Value Chains: Enhancing market access for farmers and strengthening agricultural value chains.
  • Food Security and Nutrition: Ensuring food security and improving nutrition through diversified agricultural production.
  • Policy and Regulatory Frameworks: Reviewing and updating policies to support agricultural growth and development.

The Planning Commission appreciates the cooperation and contributions of all stakeholders as the nation works towards a shared vision for a prosperous future. The outcomes of this meeting will play a pivotal role in shaping the agricultural policies and strategies within the Vision 2050 framework.

Contact Information: Planning Commission 9th Floor, Kambarage Building, Kambarage Street, P.O. Box 1324, 41104 Tambukareli, Dodoma, Tanzania Phone: 026-2961722 Email: Website:


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