Malawi Lifts Ban on Maize Importation from Tanzania Amidst Controlled Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease

Lilongwe, Malawi – The Ministry of Agriculture in Malawi has officially announced the suspension of the previous ban on maize importation from Tanzania. This significant decision comes after thorough discussions and evaluations with the Tanzanian Plant Health and Pesticides Authority, ensuring the containment of the Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND) which initially triggered the ban.

In a recent press release, the Ministry acknowledged the consistent and collaborative efforts with the Tanzanian authorities, highlighting the extensive information sharing that led to this progressive move. The Tanzanian officials have presented convincing evidence and substantiated claims that MLND has been effectively managed and controlled within their territories.

With the lifting of the ban, traders interested in importing maize are required to secure necessary authorizations and adhere to the prescribed sanitary and phytosanitary measures. The documentation involves obtaining import authorization from both Malawian and Tanzanian authorities, ensuring a stringent check on the safety and quality of the grain being traded.

The Ministry assures the general public of its commitment to maintaining open communication channels with Tanzania, ensuring that any developments or changes in the situation are promptly shared and addressed. As part of the ongoing vigilance, the Malawian Ministry of Agriculture will conduct periodic random tests on the imported maize. This initiative aims to guarantee the continued safety of the grain entering Malawi, safeguarding the health of its citizens and the integrity of its agricultural sector.

Dickxie Verson Kampani, the Secretary for Agriculture, emphasized the government’s dedication to safeguarding the nation’s agricultural standards while fostering regional trade relations. “This decision marks a significant step towards reinforcing our trade ties with Tanzania, while staying true to our commitment to the health and safety of our people,” stated Kampani.

As Malawi opens its gates to maize importation from Tanzania, the move is perceived as a positive stride towards enhancing regional cooperation and ensuring food security while upholding stringent health and safety standards.

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