About Kilimokwanza.org

Kilimo Kwanza is Swahili for Agriculture First. It was a policy that was adopted by Former President of Tanzania Dr Jakaya Kikwete, and was hugely successful in ensuring food security in his country. Most of African nations need to adopt the policy not only for food security but for the continent’s assured prosperity. Agriculture (crops, livestock and fisheries) is a critical sector in Africa, accounting for  over 40% percent of the continent’s GDP and employing more than 70% percent of the labour force. The main sources of livelihood for the rural population are agriculture and non-farm activities that directly or indirectly depend on agriculture.

In most of Africa the vulnerable rural population live in areas that are worst affected by recent climate variability and change. The effects of climate change have begun to be felt throughout the continent by way of fluctuating rains and long periods of drought. Improved agricultural practices among smallholder farmers has increased prospects for food security. It is on that basis there is a need for solution based agricultural public communication to support efforts by the smallholder farmers, governments, donors, International Organizations for agricultural modernization.