Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of SAGCOT, Highlights Opportunities for Agriculture at Africa’s Food Systems Forum 2023 Summit

Dar es Salaam

Tanzanian organizations and companies involved in agriculture have received a call to seize the tremendous opportunities presented by Africa’s Food Systems Forum 2023 Summit (AGRF-2023). Geoffrey Kirenga, the CEO of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT), emphasized the importance of Africa’s focus on producing enough food to feed its growing population and contribute to global food security as the summit draws near.

“With Africa’s current population reaching approximately 1.3 billion and the potential for it to surpass two billion in the future, it is crucial that we prioritize food production to meet the continent’s needs and explore ways in which Africa can actively participate in feeding the world,” expressed Kirenga.

Highlighting the efforts of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, Kirenga commended her diplomatic endeavors for promoting Tanzanian products and showcasing the vast opportunities available in the country. He also emphasized the significance of developing the tourism sector, which contributes to an increased demand for food to cater to the growing number of tourists.

“As tourism grows, so does the number of mouths to feed. When we see statistics indicating that one million tourists have visited our country, it means there are one million individuals to be fed. This highlights the tremendous opportunity to strengthen agriculture, livestock, and fishing sectors,” stated Kirenga.

AGRF-2023, scheduled to take place in September in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, presents a platform for stakeholders across Africa to engage in productive discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaborative partnerships. Kirenga stressed that the forum provides a unique opportunity for organizations and companies involved in agriculture to come together and explore innovative solutions that will drive sustainable growth and food security on the continent.

“With the AGRF-2023 Summit, we have an exceptional platform to foster dialogue, share experiences, and forge strategic alliances. We must leverage this summit to harness the immense potential within Africa’s agriculture sector and drive transformative change,” emphasized Kirenga.

As the CEO of SAGCOT, Kirenga leads an organization that focuses on catalyzing public and private investments in agriculture in Southern Tanzania. He has been instrumental in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, supporting smallholder farmers, and attracting investments to the region.

“I can assure you that the AGRF in Tanzania will be an extraordinary and unforgettable event. Tanzania is filled with remarkable offerings that we are excited to showcase, as we strive to leave a lasting impression and forge impactful deals at the AGRF. We invite the world to join us and witness the immense potential of Tanzania’s agricultural sector!” expressed Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO of SAGCOT.