FAO and Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Livestock Feed

Nairobi, Kenya – A new landmark partnership is poised to greatly benefit Kenyan livestock farmers. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Kenya, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development, has unveiled a strategic alliance geared towards enhancing the quality and availability of livestock feeds in the country. The move is intended to stimulate a market-driven, private-sector led transformation in the agrifood systems.

During a partners meeting preceding the Hand in Hand Investment Forum, the FAO’s representative, @CMucavi, shed more light on the initiative. “We are partnering to improve livestock feeds quality and availability by catalyzing market-based, private-sector led transformation of agrifood systems for food and nutrition security and increased incomes,” Mucavi articulated.

Kenya, with its rich heritage in livestock farming, stands to reap significantly from this partnership. Enhanced livestock feeds will not only guarantee improved health and productivity for the livestock but will also ensure that the farmers get more income from their produce due to the heightened quality.

Furthermore, this collaboration is anticipated to play a pivotal role in addressing food and nutrition security in the region. As the private sector is beckoned to actively partake in this transformation, experts believe that the ripple effect will be felt across the entire agrifood value chain, benefitting all stakeholders – from producers to consumers.

The Hand in Hand Investment Forum serves as a platform where agricultural stakeholders come together to discuss strategic initiatives aimed at propelling the agrifood sector forward. This partnership between FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development proves the commitment of both entities towards actualizing a sustainable and prosperous future for the agricultural sector in Kenya.