Elizabeth Swai Honored with 2023 Aspirational Leader Award for Transformative Impact in Tanzania

Elizabeth Swai Honored with 2023 Aspirational Leader Award for Transformative Impact in Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Elizabeth Swai, the visionary founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited. Ms Swai has been awarded the esteemed 2023 Aspirational Leader Award by the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) in recognition of the Positive Influence and Commitment to Capacity Building. This accolade is a testament to Swai’s extraordinary influence and unwavering commitment to community empowerment, particularly among women and youth, through innovative practices in the poultry industry, media and beyond.

AKM Glitters stands as more than a poultry business; it serves as a catalyst for positive change. Comprising breeder farms, a cutting-edge hatchery, and a comprehensive feed mill, the company has impacted over 1000,000 farmers across 25 regions in Tanzania. Its distinctive franchising model promotes inclusivity and entrepreneurial spirit, providing resources and knowledge crucial for the nation’s development.

Elizabeth Swai’s journey reflects her dedication to social responsibility and business excellence. A passionate leader with a robust vision for inclusive development in Tanzania’s poultry sector, she actively incorporates the latest technology to enhance efficiency and productivity. Swai continuously seeks innovative approaches to expand her business and involves youths through incubation centers, graduating 600 youths annually from each of AKM Glitters’ centers.

Beyond her contributions to AKM Glitters, Elizabeth is a staunch advocate for education and empowerment. Committed to creating opportunities for youths and women, Elizabeth ensures that her staff are supported for their professional growth, positively impacting small holder farmers. Her commitment is evident through the establishment of youth incubation programs, which she aims to scale nationally and internationally.

Elizabeth Swai’s influence extends beyond business, as evidenced by her recognition with awards such as the Change Driver Award, Impact Award, and Women of Achievement in Agribusiness award. She is prominently featured in a celebrated book on Africa’s leading women entrepreneurs, symbolizing her role as a model for future generations.

Swai’s multifaceted contributions to industry and community development include founding roles in the African Agribusiness Academy and Africa Women in Agribusiness.

Her pivotal roles in the Professional Poultry Association, Feed Mill Association, and Vice Chair of the Poultry Breeders Association, coupled with positions on the Executive Board of the Tanzania Business Council – Livestock Sector , Tanzania Meat Board, Chair of the Compact Agreement Committee (Private Sector & Ministry of Livestock)

The CEOrt’s recognition of Elizabeth Swai with the Aspirational Leader Award not only honors her individual achievements but also underscores the critical role private sector leaders play in driving Tanzania’s development, especially in skills development and capacity building. This aligns with CEOrt’s mission to promote ethical leadership, responsible business practices, and socioeconomic prosperity.

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