Dodoma Cement Fueling Tanzania’s Agriculture Transformation with Lime and Gypsum

Dr Theresia Numbi


In the vast plains of Tanzania, a quiet revolution is brewing. The call to modernize, enhance, and fortify the nation’s agricultural backbone is growing louder. And taking the lead in this movement is an unexpected player – Dodoma Cement.

Historically, Tanzania’s agricultural sector relied heavily on traditional practices – rain-dependent farming, use of hand hoes, and minimal agricultural inputs. But with a burgeoning population and increasing demands, the need for change is evident. Enter Dr. Theresia Numbi from Dodoma Cement, echoing the sentiments of Tanzania’s beloved father of the nation, Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere, who once said that agriculture needs to be transformed to push the country forward.

Dodoma Cement, known primarily for its role in construction, has unveiled two groundbreaking agricultural products, addressing a key challenge – soil health. The offerings, Agricultural Lime and Agricultural Gypsum, are designed to rectify and replenish Tanzanian soil based on its pH needs. For soils that are too acidic, Lime comes to the rescue, while alkaline terrains benefit from adding Gypsum.

Both products are laced with calcium minerals, known for their transformative properties. From breaking up hardened soil, enhancing fertilizer absorption, to moisture conservation, these innovations promise a reimagined agricultural landscape for Tanzanian farmers.

Furthermore, recognizing the financial constraints of smallholder farmers, Dodoma Cement has launched a game-changer – granulated lime. This affordable, easy-to-use product aims to put modern agricultural tools into the hands of every Tanzanian farmer.

However, as Dr. Numbi rightly points out, introducing these products is only half the battle won. “We need government support,” she states, underlying the significance of state-backed initiatives and subsidies to ensure these transformative products are accessible to every farmer.

Amid these transformative agricultural initiatives, Dr. Numbi shed light on a pivotal partnership that amplified their reach. “Our collaboration with AGRA has been instrumental in making this vision a reality,” she shared. AGRA’s generous funding was channelled towards extensive awareness campaigns, empowering Dodoma Cement to touch the lives of over 50,000 Tanzanian farmers. Through workshops, hands-on training sessions, and community outreach programs, these farmers have been educated about the advantages of Agricultural Lime and Gypsum, ensuring they’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to usher in a new era of sustainable farming. This union of industry and non-profit support is a testament to the power of collective effort in driving change.