COPRA Strengthens Agricultural Ministry Efforts in Tanzania

In a significant development for Tanzania’s agricultural sector, the Director of the Tanzania Cereals and Other Produce Regulatory Authority (COPRA), Ms. Irene Madeje Mlola, announced on November 1, 2023, a comprehensive plan to boost efficiency across the entire value chain of cereals and mixed crops. This initiative aims to enhance economic growth and food availability in the country.

Ms. Mlola elaborated that COPRA’s jurisdiction encompasses all cereal crops and mixed varieties, including horticultural products (vegetables, fruits, and flowers), edible oils, legumes, root-based crops, and spice crops. A key focus of the authority is to provide robust supervision throughout the entire value chain of these commodities.

Moreover, COPRA intends to enforce quality standards that enable farmers to recognize and improve the quality and yield of their produce. This enforcement is expected to foster competitive and profitable involvement for all stakeholders in the value chain of these crops. Overall, the authority is committed to ensuring food safety by eliminating irregularities and barriers that farmers face in transportation, storage, and both domestic and international markets.

Ms. Mlola also mentioned that COPRA plans to introduce a grading system for crops post-assessment, ensuring that they meet specific quality benchmarks, starting from Grade One upwards. The primary goal is to ensure that farmers can cultivate and produce high-quality crops, leading to substantial benefits and positive outcomes.

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