BRAC Microfinance Sierra Leone Limited Celebrated at SLAMFI’s Inaugural Award Ceremony | Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Association of Microfinance Institutions (SLAMFI) held its first award ceremony and dinner on the night of November 17, 2023, marking a historic moment for the microfinance sector in Sierra Leone. The event, held in Freetown, brought together major players from across the country, celebrating the achievements and contributions of microfinance institutions to the national economy.

BRAC Microfinance (SL) Limited (BMSLL), under the leadership of CEO Shimi Ntuyabaliwe, received recognition and awards in four distinguished categories: Best Compliance, Best Loan Book/Portfolio, Highest Outreach, and Support to SLAMFI. This recognition underscores BMSLL’s significant impact and leadership in the microfinance sector in Sierra Leone.

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Sheik A.Y. Sesay, graced the event along with senior directors Ms. Hawa E. Kallon and Ms. Esther Johnson. In his keynote speech, Deputy Governor Sesay expressed his delight in participating in SLAMFI’s inaugural award ceremony. He emphasized the crucial role of the microfinance sector in strengthening Sierra Leone’s financial industry and overall economy.

Raymond Koroma, the Executive Chairman of SLAMFI and Managing Director of Ecobank Microfinance, highlighted the achievements of the sector despite global financial challenges. He noted that the awards were objectively determined based on merit by the Central Bank of Sierra Leone, covering various categories including Best Innovation and individual accolades.

Shimi Ntuyabaliwe, CEO of BRAC Microfinance Sierra Leone Limited and Deputy Chairperson of SLAMFI, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks on behalf of the board. He commended the hardworking staff of the SLAMFI Secretariat and the organizing team for orchestrating a successful event. He also extended gratitude to other partners, stakeholders, and especially to the Central Bank of Sierra Leone, whose support was instrumental in realizing the event.

Ntuyabaliwe concluded by acknowledging the clients of the various institutions, whose loyalty and trust inspire the continuous growth and innovation in the microfinance sector.

The event not only celebrated the achievements of microfinance institutions like BMSLL but also reinforced the importance of microfinance in driving economic development and financial inclusion in Sierra Leone.

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