Bold Steps in Business: Angelina Ngalula ChallengeS Women to Break Barriers

In a country where traditional gender roles often dictate societal expectations, a clarion call has risen – pushing women to break barriers, be aggressive, and assertively grab opportunities in various sectors.

The resounding message came from Ms. Angelina Ngalula, the Executive Chairman of Bravo Group Limited and Agricom Africa Limited, who championed the cause of women in non-traditional roles during an event celebrating their achievements. This event, timed around International Women’s Day, recognized the invaluable contribution of female staff members of her companies.

Ngalula, who holds a prominent position as the Chairperson of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), minced no words when addressing the age-old gender norms. “There are neither jobs for men or women nor businesses for women or men,” she declared. In her eyes, the goal of any business is to generate profit, irrespective of gender. “Business is business,” she firmly stated.

She further emphasized, “If women are empowered, they can”. There is no denying, in her perspective, that women stand on an equal platform with men, and some even surpass them in their capabilities.

Yet, the path to such empowerment isn’t just about providing women with privileged positions. Ngalula underscores the importance of capacity building, facilitating access to capital, improving the business environment, and ensuring they can access market opportunities. These factors, she believes, would pave the way for women to reach their fullest potential.

Leading by example, Ngalula’s prowess and ambition are evident. Despite the societal constructs, she has etched her success in industries predominantly dominated by men. She is the proud owner of Bravo Group Limited, a logistics company for long-distance trucks, and Agricom Africa Limited, a pioneer in modern farming equipment.

In a show of solidarity, Mr. Alex Duffar, the Chief Executive Officer of both Bravo Group Limited and Agricom Africa Limited, joined the chorus of appreciation. Commending the women of his company for their active participation during International Women’s Day, he went a step further to praise women drivers. Duffar highlighted their superior driving skills, noting they tend to be more cautious and avoid reckless driving, contrary to some of their male counterparts.

The future seems promising, and as more women heed Ngalula’s call, Tanzania may well witness a paradigm shift in the business world. With concerted efforts from both men and women, gender barriers might soon be a relic of the past.

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