Africa Food Prize 2024 Call for Nominations Now Open

Nairobi: The prestigious Africa Food Prize has officially commenced its nomination process for the 2024 edition, marking a pivotal moment for the agricultural and food systems sectors across the African continent. This distinguished award, accompanied by a monetary reward of US$100,000, is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have made significant contributions to enhancing food security, agricultural development, and economic growth in Africa.

A Celebration of Innovation and Excellence in African Agriculture

The Africa Food Prize epitomizes excellence, honoring those who have made exceptional contributions to transforming food systems in Africa. This award brings to light the visionaries revolutionizing food production, distribution, and consumption, thus improving the lives of millions across the continent. It showcases the innovative practices and solutions that are making a tangible difference in the battle against hunger and poverty.

Expanding the Horizons of Agricultural Transformation

The prize welcomes nominations from a broad spectrum of fields within the agricultural sector, including farming, agribusiness, research, education, and policy advocacy. It is open to entities that have demonstrated significant progress in enhancing food security, promoting agricultural sustainability, and fostering innovation. The award recognizes a diverse range of efforts contributing to a more resilient and inclusive food system across Africa.

Leadership and Vision: The Role of H.E. Jakaya Kikwete

Under the esteemed leadership of H.E. Jakaya Kikwete, former President of Tanzania and Chairman of the Africa Food Prize Committee, this prize underscores the importance of recognizing the efforts of those leading Africa’s agricultural transformation. H.E. Kikwete’s involvement highlights the prize’s commitment to celebrating the dedication and ingenuity instrumental in advancing towards a hunger-free Africa. His remarks on the call for nominations emphasize the prize’s role as a platform for honoring remarkable stories of resilience, innovation, and impact shaping the future of food on the continent.

Criteria for Selection: Impact, Sustainability, and Scalability

The nominations for the Africa Food Prize are evaluated based on rigorous criteria, assessing the nominee’s contribution to reducing poverty, enhancing nutrition security, and improving livelihoods through employment and job creation. The selection process focuses on demonstrated impact, sustainability, scalability, and the potential to inspire positive change within communities and beyond. This ensures the prize honors initiatives that not only address current challenges but also have the potential for broader adoption and implementation across the continent.

Past Recipients: A Legacy of Transformation

The legacy of the Africa Food Prize is built on the achievements of its past recipients, including pioneers in agriculture, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policymakers who have led transformative initiatives. These recipients have significantly impacted areas such as climate-smart farming practices, empowerment of smallholder farmers, and enhanced market access for agricultural products. Their stories serve as inspiration, showcasing the potential for innovative solutions to drive change and improve food security in Africa.

The Road Ahead: Inviting Nominations for the 2024 Edition

The call for nominations for the Africa Food Prize 2024 represents an opportunity to identify and celebrate the next generation of leaders in African agriculture. With a nomination deadline of June 15, 2024, individuals, institutions, and initiatives that have made noteworthy contributions to the agricultural sector are encouraged to submit their entries. This process is crucial in recognizing those making strides towards a more sustainable and food-secure future for Africa.

About The Africa Food Prize

The Africa Food Prize is the premier award recognizing outstanding contributions to the agriculture and food systems sectors in Africa. With a prize of US$100,000, it celebrates the achievements of Africans who are steering the continent’s agriculture agenda, spotlighting bold initiatives and technical innovations that can be replicated to usher in a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans. The Prize symbolizes the commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape of the continent, highlighting the work of those laying the foundations for a prosperous and sustainable future.

For further information and to learn more about the Africa Food Prize, the nomination process, and how to submit an entry, please visit the official website at For any inquiries regarding the prize and the nomination process, please contact Boaz Blackie Keizire, Head of Policy, Advocacy & Africa Food Prize Secretariat.