Youth Empowerment at Forefront of Dodoma’s Agricultural Growth, Says Rosemary Senyamule

By News Team

DODOMA, Tanzania – In a landmark statement, Dodoma Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule has announced a new era of agricultural prosperity for the region, underpinned by the innovative Building Better Tomorrow (BBT) program. This announcement came at the conclusion of the high-profile 2023 Tanzania Agriculture Stakeholders Learning Event (TASLE), a hub of agricultural minds and ideas.

The BBT program, a cornerstone of Dodoma’s agricultural revitalization, is actively transforming Chinangali, Nondwa, and Membe villages into models of agricultural efficiency and productivity. Senyamule’s vision is clear – harnessing the energy and ingenuity of the youth to propel Dodoma into a leading position in Tanzania’s food economy.

The TASLE 2023, orchestrated by the Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT), played a pivotal role in this agricultural renaissance. The event was more than a meeting of minds; it was a confluence of innovation, strategy, and sustainable practices aimed at uplifting the entire agricultural sector of Tanzania.

Charles Ogutu, AMDT’s Executive Director, emphasized the collaborative spirit of TASLE, where stakeholders from diverse sectors converged to share experiences and forge joint strategies. This collaborative approach, according to Ogutu, is not just about discussion but about immediate action and integration of new strategies into existing frameworks.

Underlining this collaborative effort, Dr. Mary Shetto, a member of the Board of Trustees of AMDT, highlighted the organization’s impact over the past year, reaching over 100,000 farmers across different regions. This is a testament to the practical and far-reaching effects of AMDT’s initiatives.

Commissioner Senyamule’s parting words at TASLE were a rallying cry for the youth, urging them to embrace agribusiness as a viable and rewarding career path. Her message was clear: the future of Dodoma, and indeed Tanzania, is in sustainable agriculture, and the youth are the key to unlocking this potential.

As Dodoma steps into the limelight of agricultural productivity, it sets a precedent for other regions in Tanzania. The synergy of youth empowerment, innovative programs like BBT, and platforms like TASLE are charting a new course for agriculture in Tanzania – one that promises not only food security but also economic vitality.

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