The Voice of Change – Rosemary Senyamule’s Mission Against Gender-Based Violence in Dodoma

In the dynamic landscape of Tanzania, where agriculture meets modernity, the words of Rosemary Senyamule, Dodoma’s Regional Commissioner, resonate with a profound call for change. This feature, presented by, explores Senyamule’s determined effort to confront gender-based violence (GBV) in the region. Her address is not just a report of facts; it’s a narrative of hope, struggle, and the promise of a safer future for all.

Rosemary Senyamule: A Beacon of Hope

“Each step we take against GBV is a step towards the freedom and safety of our people,” declares Senyamule, encapsulating her commitment to the cause. Under her guidance, the establishment of the integrated service center in Dodoma marks a significant milestone. This center has become a sanctuary for 237 survivors since its inception, a figure that stands testament to the urgent need for such facilities. “Our fight against GBV is a fight for the soul of Dodoma,” she states, emphasizing the center’s importance.

Confronting Traditional Norms

Senyamule’s address sheds light on the daunting task of challenging entrenched cultural practices. The harrowing figures of female genital mutilation in districts like Chemba and Kondoa DC underscore the depth of the issue. “These numbers are not just statistics; they are a cry for change,” she laments, highlighting the need to address these harmful traditions.

Empowering Through Knowledge

Central to Senyamule’s approach is the power of education. Initiatives across the region, particularly those targeting the youth, aim to instill resilience and awareness. Her message to the young generation is clear: “Stand strong, be aware, and say no to violence.” This focus on empowerment through knowledge is a crucial element in the fight against GBV.

The Legal Framework as a Pillar of Support

Significant progress in the legal realm has been a source of strength in this fight. Senyamule cites the recent legal victories against perpetrators of GBV as a sign of the system’s growing efficacy. “We have seen six convictions in recent months; this is a testament to our legal system’s commitment to justice,” she proudly notes.

Ongoing Challenges and Collective Responsibility

The path ahead is fraught with challenges, but Senyamule remains undeterred. She calls for a collective effort, involving not just the authorities but also the community at large. “This battle is ours to fight and win together,” she asserts, emphasizing the role of community in overcoming GBV.

The Role of Community in Reporting and Support

Senyamule outlines the importance of accessible reporting channels and community support in addressing GBV. “We have established a network of reporting and support that spans from health centers to police desks,” she explains, showcasing the multi-layered approach to tackling this issue.

Prevention: A Cornerstone of Strategy

Echoing the ethos of, which emphasizes sustainable development and community empowerment, Senyamule stresses the importance of prevention in battling GBV. “By educating our community, we can prevent these incidents before they happen,” she affirms, aligning with the principles of proactive engagement and community resilience.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Senyamule envisions a Dodoma free from the shackles of GBV. “Our dream is a region where every individual, regardless of gender, lives in safety and dignity,” she expresses, her words imbued with hope and determination.


Senyamule’s message, is a call to action, a narrative of transformation, and a beacon of hope in the fight against GBV in Dodoma. Her leadership, combined with the collective will of the community, charts a course towards a brighter, safer future, echoing the values of empowerment, resilience, and sustainable development

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